Thursday, August 27, 2015


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... I just can NOT wrap my head around this book. It is NOT confusing, it just ends in a weird way. I am going to try to give at least a quick summary BUT honestly... thats all I got :0

The book starts off with Cath and Wren. Heehee, Cath. Wren. CATHWREN=CATHRINE???!!! GET IT!!!????

Anyway, Cath and Wren are twins who are starting college. Their mom left them when they were 8 years old so they grew up with only a dad. Wren is the party outgoing twin with a pixie hair cut. Cath is the main twin in the book and she is an aspiring author who writes fan fiction. She also is a little awkward with anxiety. Got that so far? Okay, so Cath walks in her room and there is A BOY??!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry it's just Cath's roommate's friend (NOT BOYFRIEND which is what Cath thought at first) Wren pretty much drifts off into a partying college girl and Cath is still stuck in a fan fiction dream. If you're wondering, YES THERE IS A RELATIONSHIP!!!! Of course, with Cath and... NO NOT NICK THE BOY SHE WRITES WITH IN THE LIBRARY! IT. IS. ARE YOU READY???!!!!


You read that correctly! Levi is a college guy who works at starbucks and happens to be Cath's roommate's friend we talked about in the beginning. This happens and that happens, but pretty much it is packed full of college goodness. Except the cuss words. MANY MANY cuss words, which I did NOT appreciate! Overall, it's a good book but I would recommend it for ages 14+ depending on how mature you are to handle it.
I hope you enjoy the book! Give me your thoughts in the comments!

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Isle of the Lost by Melissa De Le Cruz

Let me just start out by saying OH MY GOSH!!!! This book was amazing. I hope that they do more Disney Decendants books soon to continue the story after the movie!

What was the book about you ask? Let me take a minute to tell ya!
This book was about the children of disney characters like Belle & Beast, Maleficent, Jafar, the Evil Queen, Cruella DeVil, and more! The main focus is on the villains sons and daughters. All of the villains and their sidekicks were banished to an island with a forcefield to keep out magic but one day Carlos, the son of Cruella, and Evie, the daughter of the evil queen, were in a treehouse working on a machine to possibly take down the forcefield and a big spark happened! The basic way to say what happened there, is THEY POKED A HOLE IN THE FORCEFIELD!!!!!!! WOW AWESOME RIGHT??!! The two kept it a secret until Evie heard Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, talking to Jay, the son of Jafar, about how her mother wanted her to find the Dragon's Eye (Maleficent's scepter which was hidden on the island and apparently didn't work because of the forcefield). Let me go back a little bit, Maleficent's bird and scepter were of no power and turned to stone somewhere on the island, but when the whole BOOM SPARK thing happened, they turned back to what they once were which caused Maleficent's bird to find her and tell her how the scepter came to power!

Now back to where I was. When Evie overheard Jay and Mal talking, she went up to them and explained what had happened! Mal and the others then went to Carlos's house to get answers. A couple chapters later, they all embarked on a journey to find the scepter (which I won't spoil for you)

IN ALL OF THIS, there are a couple chapters about Prince Ben, the son of Belle and Beast, making a proclamation to let some of the children of the Isle of the Lost live in Auradon (the kingdom with all the fairytale come trues, princesses and princes) The proclamation is made at the end and in the movie, where the story continues....

Overall it was an amazing book with awesome detail! I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Recommended for all ages!

Friday, August 14, 2015


My mother actually has a book blog also! It is called: Carrie K's Book Reviews

She has had it longer than I have had mine because I am actually a you tuber but I love books and I find it really hard to do book VIDEOS so I created a blog for pre teen and teens to find good appropriate books! My mom has already reviewed the two books I will insert pictures of but I was thinking of reading them also and giving my opinion! What do you think?!


I will have book reviews every week possible! First one will be Disney Decendents: Isle of the Lost by Melissa De Le Cruz :)